Wedding P&B - Castle Sevnica

21. 5. 2019 , Weddings

Castle Sevnica is definitely one of the most popular wedding locations in Slovenia. Precisely because of this, Petra and Blaž decided to say “yes” exactly at Sevnica Castle. Preparations were held at the Hotel Rimske Toplice or Aqua Roma, where we made some wonderful photographs of preparing groom and bride. Then we went to the Castle Sevnica, where the civil part of the wedding took place. After arriving at the castle, we were awaiting the wonderful sunny weather, which quickly changed into a storm, but luckily it did not last too long. During this time, when the storm blew outside, we went to the castle with Petra and Blaž and made some portrait photographs, which you can see below. The party took place in Rimske Toplice, so we had to go back. There was reception and greetings, dinner, first dance, some speeches and ofcourse a party.

Since I’m running out of words with which to describe this beautiful day, I invite you to view the photos.



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