Wedding J&F - Skedenj

9. 2. 2019 , Weddings

Julija and Fabjan celebrated the most beautiful day of their life in Gorenjska, at the wedding location called Skedenj. The wooden building, where the celebration took place, together with the surrounding mountains, cereal fields and green nature, contributed to the pleasant countryside atmosphere. Instead of an urban wedding, the newlyweds chose a wedding with a vintage touch. The summer footsteps and the air of Gorenjska allowed the newlyweds to sign their vows in the open, surrounded by nature and the closest ones. We were two photographers, which was a smart idea, based on the number of invitees and many nice motives. As photographers, this wedding will remain in our memories because of the spacious cereal fields through which Julia and Fabjan walked and which created fairy-tale photographs.

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