Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel

29. 7. 2020 , Couples

Štanjel, beautiful Štanjel!

I met with Špela and Urban on a sunny day in Štanjel, an old town in Kras, with a wonderful history and excellent wine and prosciutto. We took a walk among the old streets and stone houses, which are traditional for this area. We took some beautiful photos by the golden light and ended the photo shoot with a walk in Ferrari Park.

You are invited to view the gallery.


ŠtanjelPrewedding Š&U - Štanjel 45Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 47Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 49Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 51Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 53Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 55Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 57Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 59Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 61Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 63Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 65Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 67Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 69Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 71Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 73Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 75Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 77Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 79Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 81Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 83Prewedding Š&U - Štanjel 85


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