Prewedding A&L - Mangart

5. 8. 2020 , Couples

Prewedding photoshoot on Mangart

I enjoy exploring nature and its nooks and crannies. While walking, I try to clear my mind to recharge my batteries, especially during the wedding season. Many times I also go to the mountains and during the ascent to Mangart I often thought about taking photos of a couple there. Because of the amazing landscape the photos would be beautiful. When I talked to Amedeja and Luka on the phone and suggested that we go on Mangart for pre-wedding photography, I knew the photos would be fantastic.

I invite you to view the photos.
MangartPrewedding A&L - Mangart 41Prewedding A&L - Mangart 43Prewedding A&L - Mangart 45Prewedding A&L - Mangart 47Prewedding A&L - Mangart 49Prewedding A&L - Mangart 51Prewedding A&L - Mangart 53Prewedding A&L - Mangart 55Prewedding A&L - Mangart 57Prewedding A&L - Mangart 59Prewedding A&L - Mangart 61Prewedding A&L - Mangart 63Prewedding A&L - Mangart 65Prewedding A&L - Mangart 67Prewedding A&L - Mangart 69Prewedding A&L - Mangart 71Prewedding A&L - Mangart 73Prewedding A&L - Mangart 75Prewedding A&L - Mangart 77


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